About Star

I don’t think it’s a mistake that my mom named me Star. I know I am here to radiate my light, illuminating for others that which may be difficult to see and, in the process, helping them to shine brightly as well.

I live to love! I am a people-lover and I thrive on laughter. I am partnered with an incredibly supportive man, and mother to two energetic and light-filled children. I am an artist who loves to paint hearts. I am always on the lookout for places to spread joy.

My business is my spiritual practice, my life a meditation. Every day, I strive to practice virtue and emanate the best version of myself that I can possibly be. As Chief Spiritual Officer of Star-preneur, Inc., I give a spiritual perspective on business. I choose to align myself with the extraordinary entrepreneur, who continually seeks to elevate not only her business, but also her consciousness.

The entrepreneurs with whom I work are people who want to lead their business by putting their spiritual practice first. I offer a unique perspective on how to navigate business and spiritual practice, and ultimately integrate the two.

I delight in being a connector, and I am gifted at being able to see what people need to connect with that will help them get to the next level in their businesses. I’ve been called the “behind-the-scenes secret tool” amongst people I have worked with.

The community I have created is a place of support and nourishment, where people can come together with me and connect with others who are also doing extraordinary things in the world.

To everyone in my community, I say please, don’t choose to be ordinary. The people I work with choose to be extraordinary and carry this through their lives and businesses. I delight in contributing to their success.