Star-preneurs …

  • use their business to uplift and love humanity
  • use their business as their spiritual practice
  • consciously craft their business like a work of art
  • live their life purpose through their business
  • choose to be extraordinary in all they do

Star-preneurs recognize that their business provides them with all of the obstacles and challenges necessary to help them learn, grow, and ultimately realize their highest potential.

At their best, entrepreneurs are like artists, constantly creating and developing their businesses. Star-preneurs choose to be extraordinary by consciously crafting their businesses to serve humanity. A business run by a Star-preneur is a business that seeks to transform, to heal, and to make the world a better place. These are intentionally designed businesses with service at the heart.

For a Star-preneur, they are not interested in merely “making a living,” rather, a Star-preneur wants to be “giving a living!” Star-preneurs operate in community, where they are open to possibility and play all-in.

To a Star-preneur, no aspect of the business is too small to be important. Just like artists use paint and canvases to convey their messages, Star-preneurs use their business to share their light. Just as a piece of art is meant to transform people, so the business of a Star-preneur is aimed at creating a similar transformation.