Stars What Would (((Love))) Do?

A sacred space to share loving energy in a safe private Facebook group. You’re invited to join Star and other conscientious loving people to benefit from Star’s generous card readings, meditations, and musings on how to live from your highest self utilizing the practice of love.


A deep dive into solving challenging problems with the practice of love. Join the conversation about all things love and virtue with Star. Interviews with thought leaders on the practice of love as a habit, and Stars clarity and wisdom on navigating the world utilizing the highest vibration in the universe.


Star ladin is a dynamic authentic speaker. When Star leads, on the practice of love, audiences are given valuable practical tools in an engaging, interactive way that uplifts and empowers. 

Available for small intimate groups, team meetings and large venue audiences both live and via video conferencing.

Star’s Book Club

A virtual book group on Facebook that discusses transformational, self-development, and spiritual books from authors who encourage personal growth. Lovingly moderated by Star to give a safe space for lifelong learners to share ideas, opinions, and insights.

Star Ladin intentionally chose to make (((Love))) a habit by asking herself one simple question: What Would (((Love))) Do? Her lifetime commitment to this question and practice gave birth to these cards, so others could have a tool to help them act and live from (((Love))), become the best version of themselves, and be happier and more peaceful along the way. When Star is not speaking or teaching on the topic of (((Love))), you can find her doing art, teaching meditation, or reading. She lives a simple, grounded life, on an avocado farm in southern California with the loves of her life; Jim, her husband, her two children, Spencer, Lily, their beloved standard poodle, Emma, and new puppy LuLu. Tune into Stars What Would (((Love))) Do? podcast or follow her by connecting with her on or on lnstagram/Facebook.


Such a positive way to mirror your feelings to reframe patterns and focus your energy.

– Bridget M., Florida