I have a love/hate relationship with awards.

“I need your help, please vote for me, I want to win”.

Can you relate? There’s a little girl inside me and she doesn’t want to be judged. She doesn’t want to be the last one picked, and yet, here I am nominated for an award that resonates with my core values and I find myself wanting to win. What does that even mean? Haven’t I already won just by being nominated? Isn’t this a sign that I am doing what’s in my highest and best?

My higher self, the one who asks the question, “what would love do?” understands that being nominated is the reward. I have received a nomination, an invitation to a seat at a table with visionaries, entrepreneurs with purpose, and leaders who are heart and soul centered.

I had never even heard of this community until I created and published my card deck and guidebook, and that’s a win in and of itself! A new world has opened, and I could not be more grateful.

So, what am I referring to? The COVR Awards. Coalition of Visionary Resources. Serving the mind, body, spirit marketplace.

My heart is so full of gratitude, seriously, in the company of entrants from multiple countries, spanning over 200 categories. Every entry represents the best of the mind, body, spirit industry.  I am humbled to be in the company of authors and visionaries I have learned from throughout my adult life.

Despite all the knowing that comes from the work I do to reassure the little girl inside me that everything is happening for her and not to her, I am an imperfect human. In the moments of self-doubt, I pull a card for myself. 


“Compassion leads us to see the beauty that is always around us”.

It’s not an accident that the antidote to inner criticism, self-centeredness and pettiness showed up in my hands. The desire to win brings these non-virtues to the surface.  And that’s ok, it’s understandable, it’s part of the work to recognize these triggers and responses and remove them with love.

From this place of understanding and compassion, especially for the little girl in me that wants so badly to win and be accepted, I can appreciate the beauty of being nominated and enjoy the process of sitting at the virtual table with hundreds of visionaries as we celebrate powerful work in the mind, body, spirit community.

The Cambridge Dictionary has this as one of the definitions of the word “win”.

“To receive something positive, such as approval, loyalty, or love because you have earned it.”

There is nothing more positive than receiving love. With this as the criteria, we all win when we give and receive the ultimate force in the universe, love. 

I invite you to vote for “Stars What Would (((Love))) Do?” deck. Voting is open April 9th-30th. Visit here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/358B6GN