Intention is Ground Zero

“Intention precedes every action we take; be mindful and deliberate.”

Where does our desire, energy, focus come from? What generates the vital responses that drive us forward in the pursuit of higher vibrational learning?

How do we begin a journey, a quest, turn a dream into action steps, if not from intention? 

Dramatic as it may sound, the act of setting an intention is metaphorically akin to the explosive power that lies beneath the surface of that place we call “ground zero.” The power of intention cannot be underestimated.

Our minds can change our perceptions. Using intention as the platform for mental agility and positive change, we can shift negative thoughts, lack of clarity, apathy, and overwhelm into crystal clear action steps. A path born from intention, set in motion, supports an empowered state of being.

The beauty of this foundational learning is how easy it is to implement. All you must do is ask.

Cue the Witch of The North, “You’ve had the power all along, all you have to do is click your heels…”

For intention to contribute positive change in your life, you only need the willingness to ask yourself, “what is my intention?” See what comes up for you with this simple request. If you are stuck, finding yourself impatient with the question, ask again. Be relentless in your pursuit of clear direction for your mind. This is a gift you can give yourself that will quiet the noise of assumptions, expectations, and judgment. Your intention may be as simple as, “I’m going to notice how I feel today”. Or, as profound as you are called to create. “My intention is to uplift humanity with my words and deeds”. Another step, to consciously utilize intention as a practice, is to simply ask, “What is the most beneficial intention I can practice right now?” I welcome you to ask this question daily and see what helpful answers come straight from your subconscious to guide you. 

Intention is your purpose, your goal, your plan of action. Energy flows with ease where clearly stated intention has forged a path. When we ground ourselves in intention, we act as opposed to just reacting. Have you ever noticed your energy draining when you are solving problems without preparation? In an emergency, we have no time to prepare and solving the problem can be the difference between life or death. Why allow us to have this burden of immediacy and reactivity under everyday circumstances? Setting intentions for your day, your month, the next 5 years, and even your life’s intention, will help to guide you towards a way of being that puts serenity and mindfulness above reactivity.

I created the wisdom oracle cards Stars What Would Love Do? as a tool for setting intentions that are always grounded in love. It is not a coincidence the first card in the deck is number 0, “intention”. Zero gives our number system its power, and intention gives us the power to become the best version of ourselves. If you could only focus on one teaching for the rest of your life, this would be it.